Anmol Archive Solutions Ltd


Anmol use the tried and tested Alchemy archiving and retrieval system. With over 5000 installations, Alchemy is one of the world's leading software suites for managing all file formats on any storage media, for access from any workstation.

Alchemy provides management for scanned documents, COLD/ERM, faxes, e-mails, correspondence, in fact any file that can be stored on a computer, and it provides all the related search software, database and file viewers.

You can access and manage all your Information year after year through one service.

  • Handles any data format, retaining the native format
  • File Viewers built in for over 250 file formats
  • Fast Searching, even across large and or multiple databases
  • Scaleable, from small to very large (over 1000 users)
  • Links to most systems
  • Access the Information securely from anywhere
  • ODBC compliant
  • Microfiche to Alchemy
  • Full Text Searching on Text files and OCR
  • Easy and Fast Installation and Training
  • Databases can be stored on any addressable media - including hard disk, RAID, CD. Optical, Jukeboxes etc.
  • On-going Development Easily customised and integrated